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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Romney & God

The Evangelicals are upset about Mitt's religion, he's a Mormon. Mormons have a religion founded by a flake that was given golden tablets by an Angel of the Lord, which he subsequently misplaced. He translated them, in secret, and then only made several hundred subsequent changes. The gist of the tale is that the lost tribe of Israel came to the new world and the indigenous people are descended from this tribe. So far so good. Unfortunately, for Mr Smith, and his deluded and huddling masses, genetics has proven, conclusively that the story, surprise, surprise, is total hog swallow. Interestingly, Mormonism is the ONLY religion in the world that is 100% flat out provable to be total BS on one of its major tenets. I can see why the Christians are so upset.

And the Christians should be. Their religions, the ones headed by the self confessed mass murderer with whom they wish an eternal sojourn makes so much more sense. After all the guy that killed every living thing on the planet except for two of every animal and several of his pal Noah's friends and family was clever enough to have a son, with the help of an immaculate conception, he let the lad get strung up, in a manner of speaking, and then had him rise from the dead, mess about a bit with a few of his homeboys and them rise up into heaven. As any fool can see that's a much better story. And SO much more logical.

As for the Mormons - they don't smoke, don't drink, don't swear, dress nicely, breed like rabbits and like choir's. What's not to like. They actually understand Religion. It's all about fellowship, community and shared values. So why the fuck can't all religious folks just drop the BS about their invisible friends in the sky and build a community here on earth? Ya I know, with out the invisible BS from space it wouldn't be so PC to disrespect women and get such a hard on about gays.