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Saturday, July 22, 2006

More the fool me.

Boy the world is SO lucky I don't have power. I would be a disaster!

For instance, silly me, when 20 crazies took out the twin towers I would have ordered airstrikes and special forces to punish Al Qaeda. I would have got a world conference on combatting extremism and promoting understanding. I would have concluded that not ALL or EVEN MOST muslims believe all of us have to be slaughtered if we don't get down on our knees and pray to Allah.

Just like I KNOW the Christian Right is the dangerous lunatic end of Christianity (and the cult of choice of President (crazier than a hoot owl) Bush) I KNOW the Islamist Facists are the lunny end of Islam. Only lunatics find pleasure and happiness in turning the other side to the dark side of their respective religions. So where are we now..oh yes...two countries destroyed, probably hundreds of thousands killed, maimed, and countless millions radicalized.

Atta go Bushy! Evil is SO MUCH more fun than just incompetence.

In Israel; two, TWO, T - W - O, guys are kidnapped. We have thousands killed, a country destroyed, and millions more radicalized. Good work guys!

Sanity has no chance. Sanity has no place in this world. If even one of the big three EVIL religions would turn EVEN ONE CHEEK, JUST ONCE... maybe, just maybe...

Nah, too late for that, Haliburtan wants more contracts and the religious Right and the Islamo Facists BOTH want their Messiah to come and save them. They both have end of times myths where god comes and saves their sorry asses.

GOD, when you come, fuck them, save mine, please, and the other fools like me that would have given humanity a chance.


Blogger BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Two guys were kidnapped, and 8 guys were killed. Did you forget that? It was an act of war. What was Israel supposed to do, and what is it supposed to do now?

Those who criticize Israel never say what Israel should do, unless it has to do with committing suicide.

8:14 PM


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