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Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 30th

Just read an article by Lou Dobbs at CNN about illegal immigration.

He makes the point that after 9/11 the US still has no control over it's borders or ports. True. He wants both, and blames the President for not getting them and "defying" the peoples will.

Lou, you've got a problem. How does a democratic country TRULY secure its borders? The only country I know that was good at it was East Germany. It takes that type of documentation and control of everybody and everything to achieve true controls of your borders. Either it's not going to happen or the US is going to have to become a police state. There are those that argue it already is.

The other problem is racism. Every racist in America, and there are more than we'd like to believe, supports border control to stop "spics" etal from gaining entry.

The OVERWHELMING majority of the illegal immigrants are in the US as a COMPLIMENT to it. They can get work, support their families and even in part time wasteland jobs they can have some hope for a better future. Isn't that the reason the English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh and the REST OF THE WORLD came to American shores?

No, the answers lie in a series of steps. One, a foreign policy that doesn't see half the world as a sworn enemy and WORKS OVERTIME to ensure that any Muslim that doesn't hate the US LEARNS TO! Two, relations with your neighbours that continues to empower and enrich them so the disparity is not so alarming. Three, as a so-called Christian nation, pay more attention to what Jesus said in the New Testament and less to what so-called Christians tell you the "Bible" says. You have Christians in American who think Jesus would support capital punishment. Read what the dude said, for Christ's sake!

Unless the world sees the US as an honest broker you have no chance of success. You have let a small group of extremists gain control of YOUR government by getting a small group of American extremists elected who ARE HELL BENT on POLARIZING every person on earth. Madness. Madness. Madness.

Change this government, take back America, while there is still something worth taking back!

You're welcome Lou, anytime.


Blogger kevvyd said...

It would be nice for the American electorate to take back their government, but I have a hard time seeing how it's going to happen. The Republicans have spent over a decade polarizing the American people on wedge issues and now it's impossible to have reasonable debate on any topic. Just see how the blogosphere teems with "liberal fool" and "right-wing asshole". As it stands right now, the Democrats could possibly win in '08, but it will be by guys like James Carvill using the same kind of wedge politics right back at the Reps and we will have gained nothing.

If you spend all of your domestic effort dividing your nation into us and them, how can you not apply the same logic to the rest of the world?

Welcome to blogland, by the way. I'm pretty new to it myself, but I will tell you this - it's pretty addictive. Be careful!

5:13 AM


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