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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Trump is not the threat - the End Of American Democracy is!

Trump has FULFILLED the DREAM Republicans have had of using DEMOCRACY to DESTROY DEMOCRACY.
The Republicans are; the paid and bought for arm of the Mercers, the Kochs the Adelsons and their Pet Fox, or "THEY" as I call them, and "THE 1%" as "THEY" call THEMselves.
"THEY" did it by using: “FREEDOM” and “LIBERTY”
Personally, “I” believed (likely as most of you do): That Americans fought their revolution to earn “Freedom” and “Liberty” from the Crown “In order to form a more perfect Union” using their newly won Democracy as the tool.
An enlightened start to what could have become a monumentally spectacular HUMAN achievement! But it didn’t become one: Why? Because the 1% then, and the replacement 1%ers, ever since your founding — or “THEY,” as I call them — believed:
That Americans fought their revolution to earn “Freedom” and “Liberty” from the Crown “In order to form a more perfect Union” using their newly won Democracy as the tool. Using that tool to win “Freedom” and “Liberty” FROM GOVERNMENT.
In my 71 years, I first saw the massive strength and threat of THEY when Reagan was elected. He ushered in what would become: “Deregulate, Trickle Down, and Drown Government in a Bathtub.” When you “Drown Government in a Bathtub,” by definition, you get the End Game of both “Democracy” and “Capitalism.” 
You end up with: Anarchy, Monopoly, a Police State and or a Dictator.
In other words: Putin and his Herd of Oligarchs. Or: Trump and his Herd of the Mercers, the Kochs and the Adelsons’ and their Pet "FOX."
THEY took control of America by weaponizing America’s culturally damaged history of: First Nations Genocide, Manifest Destiny (the construction that made Genocide look almost palatable to some), the unspeakable abomination of Slavery and the equally massive abomination of generations of haters and racists maneuvering to do everything they could to reinvent or reconstruct your unspeakable historic racial hatred. THEY weaponized every wedge issue that any American could even imagine to make you ignore the 800 pound Gorilla sitting on your sofa, sitting quietly; eating your lunch and your future.
As an example, when many American Christians were trying to create more “White only drinking fountains” Canadian Christians were demanding “Healthcare for everyone.” When Canadian Christians were singing “All we are saying, is give peace a chance” too many American Christians were driving in pick-up trucks with “Kill a Commie for Christ” bumper stickers. THEY have even weaponized Christianity so that many have turned away from everything Jesus taught.
THEY, using America’s crushing cultural cleavages, and every wedge issue that could be invented or imagined, perverted your politics while THEY continued to prosper: financially and politically.
Then came the unspeakable “Citizens United.” When one person one vote became one dollar one vote. The final tool THEY needed to own America. 
The Final tool THEY used to destroy: Facts, Reason, Truth, Hope, America.
By the time Obama was elected THEY, the Top 1%, owned nearly 80%(+ish) of the “wealth” of America.
The Republicans, by this time owned by THEY, publicly bragged that they would appoint none of his appointees, support none of his initiatives (even if they were stolen from Mitt Romney, a Republican Governor of Massachusetts and the initiative was a feeble, flawed, mostly inadequate, health care proposal). They were true to their posturing and refused to “even consider” President Obama’s appointee to the Supreme Court.
This Treason was the plan of THEY. The Republicans, bought and paid for, their tool. By now THEY are the Republicans only serious source of funds.
The 1% are using the Republican’s to purposely make Democracy so flawed, and so useless, that American’s would blame Democracy and not THEY.
So now THEY launched their End of Game Plan to destroy what little was left of your Democracy.
The Republicans came up with a plan to give themselves, their friends, and fellow travellers in the 1% (who already owned 80%+ of everything) a tiny raise. To achieve this, they wanted to put 30+ million MORE Americans OFF healthcare and GIVE the money saved to the 1% (who are the ONLY sources of income the gentlemen and ladies in the Republican Party have). A former soldier, with a brain tumour, gave that a "thumbs down." THEY went to Plan B - THEY put 13 million Americans off healthcare and wrote a check for 1.5 TRILLION (1.2 TRILLION ENDS UP IN THE BANKS OF THE 1%). THEY then asked your children and grandchildren to: "Please pay it." THEY then IMMEDIATELY announced (and I paraphrase) "Now that government income will be so low we really have to balance things by eliminating (as much as we can) of Medicare, Medicaid and other such nonsense.”
When the Republicans (the 1%’s useful idiots) had finishing raping American Democracy the birds still sang in Central Park. The media still chanted: “Both sides do it.”
BUT: Both sides don’t do it. Really. They don’t.
America now sees the "light at the end of Reagan's tunnel." Namely, the end game of "Trickle Down, Deregulate and Drown Government in a Bath Tub." When you "Drown Government in a bathtub" you end up with Dictatorship, Oligopoly, Anarchy. You also end up with, "The end game of Capitalism."
1) It's hard for 10 people to play cards when one of them holds 90% of the cards.
2) It’s hard for an economy to provide, healthcare, schools, infrastructure, education, regulation, etc., etc. when 90% of all the wealth is circulating through the hands of 1% of the participants.
It’s obvious isn’t it?
No Regulations. A Drowned Government. Just enough of a Trickle Down so their servants can afford some food, and 11 Nuclear Carrier Battle Groups, with Special Service Forces in 87 Nations, protecting the 1%’s “businesses.”
Privilege must be protected, must it not? Humans? Not so much.
THEY told me.
Recently, Sheldon Adelson, JUST ONE of America’s THEY Oligarch’s, wrote Paul Ryan’s Traitor’s Club a cheque for $30,000,000.00.
America, say, "Yes Uncle's Putin and Trump," and then just roll over. OR: Fight democratically, for your Democracy, like you've never fought for it before!
May the force be with you! You'll need it!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Romney & God

The Evangelicals are upset about Mitt's religion, he's a Mormon. Mormons have a religion founded by a flake that was given golden tablets by an Angel of the Lord, which he subsequently misplaced. He translated them, in secret, and then only made several hundred subsequent changes. The gist of the tale is that the lost tribe of Israel came to the new world and the indigenous people are descended from this tribe. So far so good. Unfortunately, for Mr Smith, and his deluded and huddling masses, genetics has proven, conclusively that the story, surprise, surprise, is total hog swallow. Interestingly, Mormonism is the ONLY religion in the world that is 100% flat out provable to be total BS on one of its major tenets. I can see why the Christians are so upset.

And the Christians should be. Their religions, the ones headed by the self confessed mass murderer with whom they wish an eternal sojourn makes so much more sense. After all the guy that killed every living thing on the planet except for two of every animal and several of his pal Noah's friends and family was clever enough to have a son, with the help of an immaculate conception, he let the lad get strung up, in a manner of speaking, and then had him rise from the dead, mess about a bit with a few of his homeboys and them rise up into heaven. As any fool can see that's a much better story. And SO much more logical.

As for the Mormons - they don't smoke, don't drink, don't swear, dress nicely, breed like rabbits and like choir's. What's not to like. They actually understand Religion. It's all about fellowship, community and shared values. So why the fuck can't all religious folks just drop the BS about their invisible friends in the sky and build a community here on earth? Ya I know, with out the invisible BS from space it wouldn't be so PC to disrespect women and get such a hard on about gays.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

More INSANITY from the people of the "Book."

The people of the "Book," Christians, Moslems and Jews BELIEVE the following excerpt from Exodus (12:29-30)...

"And it came to pass, that at midnight the LORD smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon; and all the firstborn of cattle. And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead." (Exodus 12:29-30)

Apparently, god wanted the Jews to leave Egypt. There were several ways he could handle this situation. He could have a chat with the Pharaoh and as a demonstration of his power he could flip a pyramid upside down, or spin it in the air or just have it turn into sand...what the heck he's god, right? But no, god decides to cold-bloodedly kill every firstborn from the Pharaoh's to not only the "captive...in the dungeon" but, just for the perverse thrill of it,..."all the firstborn of cattle." Maybe he was a vegan... who knows.

It is bad enough that these fools believe this nonsense, but worse that they worship this cold-blooded, mass murderer, worship him AND wish to spend eternity with him. INSANITY!

Surely, it's time for us to have done with such outrageous religions, such outrageous beliefs and put an end to the horrible perversity the believers of such nonsense have unleashed on this long suffering planet.

Religion - be gone!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Let's close the cover on the people of the "Book."

I think the time has come that the world should stop "accepting" "leadership" from the people of the "Book." As Bob Dylan sang, "... the times they are a-changin'..."

Think about this; Jews, Muslims and Christians, the people of the "Book," believe that a god, created the universe, made us in his image, gave us dominion over this cute little third planet from this sun, in this lovely galaxy, and then, in just one example of his many personal explicit crimes, he purposely drowned everyone, except for the a few of the "just" that could fit in Noah's boat. The god they believe in, from their own "book," is a self-confessed homicidal mass murderer!

That is not what's so alarming. More alarming is that, not only do these deluded people believe this nonsense, they actually worship the homicidal mass murderer that did this atrocity and countless others. They actually venerate him, and look forward to spending eternity "in his loving embrace."

Unfortunately, it gets even worse. All three religions believe their "Messiah" is going to come and deal with their enemies and save them...the humorous side of this is that each of the three "religions," and their literally thousands of sub-religions and cults, believe the other two religions, and their respective plethora of cults, are whom their "Messiah" is going to save them from...

The older I get the more I think John Lennon had it right in the 60's when he wrote...

"Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky...
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one."

Amusingly, the people of the "Book" I've talked to about this think I'm the one that's a few bricks short of a load.

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

More the fool me.

Boy the world is SO lucky I don't have power. I would be a disaster!

For instance, silly me, when 20 crazies took out the twin towers I would have ordered airstrikes and special forces to punish Al Qaeda. I would have got a world conference on combatting extremism and promoting understanding. I would have concluded that not ALL or EVEN MOST muslims believe all of us have to be slaughtered if we don't get down on our knees and pray to Allah.

Just like I KNOW the Christian Right is the dangerous lunatic end of Christianity (and the cult of choice of President (crazier than a hoot owl) Bush) I KNOW the Islamist Facists are the lunny end of Islam. Only lunatics find pleasure and happiness in turning the other side to the dark side of their respective religions. So where are we now..oh yes...two countries destroyed, probably hundreds of thousands killed, maimed, and countless millions radicalized.

Atta go Bushy! Evil is SO MUCH more fun than just incompetence.

In Israel; two, TWO, T - W - O, guys are kidnapped. We have thousands killed, a country destroyed, and millions more radicalized. Good work guys!

Sanity has no chance. Sanity has no place in this world. If even one of the big three EVIL religions would turn EVEN ONE CHEEK, JUST ONCE... maybe, just maybe...

Nah, too late for that, Haliburtan wants more contracts and the religious Right and the Islamo Facists BOTH want their Messiah to come and save them. They both have end of times myths where god comes and saves their sorry asses.

GOD, when you come, fuck them, save mine, please, and the other fools like me that would have given humanity a chance.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jays New Bling Goes Yard.

The reworked Jays take the field this week. AJ, the last concern pitched very well this morning and will be ready on the 16th as was hoped.

So, will the Jays new Bling fly? Short answer, YES!

Because I can see the future what follows are more than just predictions, mine come with guarantees. I guarantee they are all 100% correct! Or... well that's where the guarantee is slightly weak.


The Excellent: Glaus will hit at least 40 dingers, might even hit 40 just at the Rogers Centre. Wells is hot this spring and will start hot, for the first time since 03. Overbay is a doubles machine. Rios will hit at least 20 homers if not more. He has arrived. The three platoons, LF, RF and C will give the Jays above league average production for those three positions.

The Rest: Hill and Adams will continue to grow. Combined they will be just a twinge below league average. There is not ONE black hole in the lineup. This offense will score at least 840 runs.


WOW, Cy Halladay followed by AJ Burnett are the best one two in the AL. Lily, Towers, Chacin and several talented youngesters presently at AAA ensure that the starters will win at least 78 games! BJ Ryan, Frasor and Speier are the best 1-2-3 in any bullpen in the AL. Behind them is experience ,and talent, with much more chaffing at the bit in AAA and AA.


Get over the O'Dog! Hill be be AT LEAST as good as any 2nd bagger in the league not named O'Dog. Glaus and Overbay are both at least average defensively. Wells is a gold glover and the the outfield corners are both only slightly below average defensively. The Jays defense is at least equal to any of the big three in the AL East.

Final results? 95 wins, the wildcard, represent the Al at the WS and beat whatever bit of rough the NL put against them.

Bank on it!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 30th

Just read an article by Lou Dobbs at CNN about illegal immigration.

He makes the point that after 9/11 the US still has no control over it's borders or ports. True. He wants both, and blames the President for not getting them and "defying" the peoples will.

Lou, you've got a problem. How does a democratic country TRULY secure its borders? The only country I know that was good at it was East Germany. It takes that type of documentation and control of everybody and everything to achieve true controls of your borders. Either it's not going to happen or the US is going to have to become a police state. There are those that argue it already is.

The other problem is racism. Every racist in America, and there are more than we'd like to believe, supports border control to stop "spics" etal from gaining entry.

The OVERWHELMING majority of the illegal immigrants are in the US as a COMPLIMENT to it. They can get work, support their families and even in part time wasteland jobs they can have some hope for a better future. Isn't that the reason the English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh and the REST OF THE WORLD came to American shores?

No, the answers lie in a series of steps. One, a foreign policy that doesn't see half the world as a sworn enemy and WORKS OVERTIME to ensure that any Muslim that doesn't hate the US LEARNS TO! Two, relations with your neighbours that continues to empower and enrich them so the disparity is not so alarming. Three, as a so-called Christian nation, pay more attention to what Jesus said in the New Testament and less to what so-called Christians tell you the "Bible" says. You have Christians in American who think Jesus would support capital punishment. Read what the dude said, for Christ's sake!

Unless the world sees the US as an honest broker you have no chance of success. You have let a small group of extremists gain control of YOUR government by getting a small group of American extremists elected who ARE HELL BENT on POLARIZING every person on earth. Madness. Madness. Madness.

Change this government, take back America, while there is still something worth taking back!

You're welcome Lou, anytime.